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Agricultural TYRE Must Be Regularly Inspected, Timely Replenishment

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Agricultural TYRE in the use of damage, some can be avoided, such as blasting, delamination, excessive wear and mechanical damage, etc., some are unavoidable, such as normal wear of the tread and fatigue of the fetal body. The correct use and maintenance of Agricultural TYRE is to eliminate all avoidable damage, as far as possible to delay the tread wear speed and fatigue of the development of the body, so as to extend the service life of Agricultural TYRE, which is to save the national rubber resources, maintain the technical status of agricultural machinery good, It is very important to play the role of agricultural machinery in agriculture production.

All types of Agricultural TYRE have stipulated the inflatable standard, in the use of strict in accordance with the provisions of the standard inflatable. Because the inner tube can not guarantee airtight, usually slowly discouraged, generally a week can be discouraged 0. 1~0. 3 of atmospheric pressure, such as valve mouth failure, the amount of discouragement is greater. In addition, the tire pressure allowable error at room temperature, medium and small agricultural machinery for ±0. 01MPa, large agricultural machinery for ±0. 02MPa, if the air pressure exceeds this range, the earlier damage to the tires becomes more serious. Therefore, we must regularly check, timely replenishment, and often maintain air pressure to meet the standard requirements.

Start to smooth, prevent the clutch pedal; don't turn around and bend not to turn the steering wheel, should slow down the turn, the braking should be stable, in the premise of ensuring the safety of the driving should be as little as possible brake, avoid emergency braking, trapping, as far as possible to avoid the wheel in the pit high-speed rotation, as far as possible to adhere to the driving speed. Because the driving technology is not high or lack of experience, frequent emergency braking, steering, turning, trapping, driving resistance too large, wheel long skidding, hasty through obstacles, will not choose road and driving speed, these will shorten the life of the tire. Therefore, must according to "the instruction manual" the correct driving method to operate.

Complete package of inner tube, cushion belt and tire, the use of special tools for disassembly, not to hammer the tires and steel rims, can not use crowbar to flip the tire ring, the inside and outside tires and pads to clean and dry, and in the tire wall, inner tube and pad surface evenly coated with a layer of talcum powder. Rim, pressure ring, lock ring should be intact, if there is dirt, should be removed after painting. The herringbone pattern and tyre tire side marked with rotating direction must be installed in the specified direction.

The length of service life of Agricultural TYRE has important relationship with the operation quality, operating efficiency and safety of agricultural machinery, so it is very important to use and maintain the agricultural mechanical tyre to prolong its service life.

To maintain the appropriate pressure of the tires, and according to the operating environment and conditions to make appropriate adjustments, the air pressure too low too high risk is large, not only shorten the life, reduce operational efficiency, and even cause a blow-out accident.

The correct driving operation, achieves "six slow", namely starts slowly, turns slowly, the brake is slow, the downhill slow, stops slowly and the bad road travels slowly, avoids the high speed sharp turn and the emergency brake. In the field of a trap, should try to avoid the wheel in the pit high-speed idling. Speed should be based on the actual situation, as far as possible to avoid long-distance high-speed transport.

Keep the load balance of the agricultural machinery unit, no serious overloading behavior.

Correct the steering system and keep the front beam value correctly to prevent early tire wear.

Timely maintenance and repair, in the car before and after back check whether there are scratches, deformation, loosening, stained oil, etc., if there should be elimination, if necessary, adjust maintenance repair.

When the tire is disassembled, it should be carried out on the clean ground without the tools of notch and sharp angle. When installing, do not bring the silt into the direction of the pattern.

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