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Agricultural TYRE Requires Advanced Performance, Easy To Use

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

The next five years is a critical period for the development of China's agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery demand is expected to continue to rise, new technology and product development speed will accelerate. According to the opinion of the State Council,Agricultural TYRE the comprehensive mechanization level of the main crops in 2015 will reach more than 55% and the total power of agricultural machinery will reach 1 billion kilowatts. The driving force of irrigation and drainage machinery will reach 100 million kilowatts. Through the agricultural labor productivity, the proportion of agricultural labor force Agricultural level, as well as the grain yield, planting area of quantitative and qualitative analysis, the domestic market agricultural aggregate power will continue to grow.

First of all, large and medium-sized tractor production overall growth trend. Large and medium-sized tractor production and agricultural restructuring and national macro-policy is closely related, especially by the purchase of agricultural machinery to purchase a greater impact,Agricultural TYRE the overall situation was wave up trend. It is expected that the total demand during the 12th Five-Year Plan period will be about 1.6 million units, with an average of more than 30 million units per year, about 400,000 units by 2015.

Second, the overall small tractors remained basically stable. Small tractors, including small four-wheel and walking tractors, tend to be stable, showing a slight increase or decrease in wave development. Mainly for the replacement of old machines, underdeveloped areas of new markets and exports. According to the experts on the rural economy and small-scale tractors to reduce emissions,Agricultural TYRE improve performance, supporting the development of agricultural technology, the rational analysis of new market space and the trend in recent years to determine the "second five" small tractor production is still ups and downs, The overall annual output remained basically stable at 200 million to 2.3 million units or so.

Third, the return of the original function of tractors, supporting farm tools than to improve. Tractors and farm tools supporting than from 2000 to 1: 1.4 development to 2006, a small drag matching ratio of 1: 1.67, large and medium supporting ratio of 1: 1.58, in accordance with the comprehensive level of agricultural mechanization development goals, experts predict 2015 is expected to close to 1: 3. Will still be the main supporting plowing machine, machine cited plow, machine rake, rotary tiller, no-tillage and fine seeder,Agricultural TYRE film machine and straw machine and motorized plant protection machinery.

Fourth, the combined demand for combine harvesters increases. Combine harvester "second five" during the total demand of about 80 million units, an average of more than 150,000 units per year. Wheat combine harvester is the most growth potential product, with the increase in reliability and adaptability, the number of demand will rise sharply, to 2015, the number of wheat combine harvesters is basically stable,Agricultural TYRE rice combine harvester grows faster; Year, dedicated self-propelled corn combine harvester total possession is expected to more than 80,000 units.

Fifth, agriculture and forestry aircraft demand growth trend. According to the General Aviation Committee's forecast, by 2020, China's agricultural and forestry aviation operations fleet size will reach more than 1,600, and now China's agriculture and forestry aircraft is still very small. China's market needs advanced performance, easy to use, high efficiency of agriculture and forestry aircraft.

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