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Agricultural TYRE Tire Maintenance Is Particularly Important

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Agricultural TYRE As the saying goes: thousands of miles began with a single step. As the agricultural machinery of the "foot", the tire for the safety of agricultural machinery, but plays a vital role, so the maintenance of the tire is particularly important. The actual use of many agricultural workers like to check their own hands, but sometimes suffer from no experience so no way to start. The tire for the self-test is not difficult, the purpose of the inspection is also very clear, grasp the status of car Agricultural TYRE to determine whether the need to change. Today teach the farmer's simple self-test method for Agricultural TYRE.

First, serious aging

Observe the tire tread and the lines on the tire wall, if the general cracks that the tire has been serious aging. At this time although the mileage is not long or the use of time soon, but still need to be replaced. Otherwise the aging of the tire due to the strength of the tire wall weakened in the mechanical process due to the temperature rise prone to puncture risk.

Second, serious wear and tear

Each tire tread groove has a wear limit of the mark, the identification thickness of about 2mm (accurate value of 1.6mm). Professional tire shop recommends that the tire thickness wear to the limit mark has two limit sign height (ie 3.2mm), should be checked frequently, conditionally recommended for replacement.

Third, from the package deformation

Agricultural TYRE appear from the package deformation is a very dangerous thing, if found from the package deformation of the situation, it is best to the first time to the agricultural maintenance site for inspection and processing, under normal circumstances are recommended to replace the Agricultural TYRE. Such a situation in the tire proves that the metal coil inside the tire has been deformed or broken and is likely to be punctured if it continues to travel.

Fourth, frequent tire repair

For the Agricultural TYRE were tied, a lot of agricultural hand and not too concerned about the roadside repair shop twenty or thirty yuan price can be repaired to complete. But if the same Agricultural TYRE repeatedly been bar, can make frequent tire it. According to the professional staff: one or two of the tire will not affect the use of Agricultural TYRE, but more than three times after the safety considerations on the proposed replacement of the Agricultural TYRE. Because when used, the tire temperature increases, too much damage has been made up, but still increase the risk of risk.

Five, the wall was tied

Many friends know that Agricultural TYRE are most afraid of fetal injury, many people think that if the tire wall is to be replaced immediately Agricultural TYRE. In fact, this argument is not rigorous, the tire wall is indeed more dangerous than the tread injury, but not all the side of the injury need to replace the tire, the tire tire wall has a relevant identification and model, if the damage is located in the logo The lower side near the edge of the hub, this time the tire must be replaced, because here the strength of the wire is very weak, and after the repair process in the process of loading will inevitably be squeezed deformation, it is difficult to ensure repair effect. If there is damage at the logo or outside, there is a chance to remedy.

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