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Agricultural TYRE Use Common Sense, To Extend Its Life

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Farm tires give the impression that it is not very important. But the agricultural tires for the vehicle, like shoes for people, its importance is absolutely not a small look. Knowing the production and production process of Goodyear agricultural machinery tires will help to enhance your awareness and trust in Goodyear's brand and related agricultural tire products. Today for everyone about how the agricultural tires are made:

1. Mixing process

Mixing process is the carbon black, natural synthetic rubber, oil, additives, accelerators and other raw materials mixed together, in the mixer for processing,Agricultural TYRE to produce "rubber" process. All raw materials must be tested before being released before they can be used.

2. glue parts preparation process

In this process, all semi-finished plastic parts that make up the tires are prepared, some of which are preassembled.

3. Tire molding process

Tire molding process is to all the semi-finished products in the molding machine assembled into a raw tire, where the birth is that did not pass through the vulcanization. The raw tires are inspected and transported to the vulcanization process.

4. vulcanization process

The raw tires are mounted on a vulcanizer, and the mold is subjected to appropriate time and suitable conditions to vulcanize into finished tires. The finished tires have the appearance of finished tires - patterns, fonts, and treads. Now, the tires will be sent to the final inspection area.

5. Final inspection process

In this area, the tires are first subjected to a visual appearance check, followed by homogeneity testing, and homogeneity testing is done by a "homogeneity test machine". The homogeneity test machine mainly measures the radial force, lateral force, cone force and fluctuation condition. After the uniformity test to do after the dynamic balance test,Agricultural TYRE dynamic balance test is in the "dynamic balance test machine" to complete.

Usually also pay attention to tire use common sense, to extend its life.

1. Before using the agricultural machinery, you must carefully read the instructions for the use of diesel engines and agricultural machinery, keep in mind the correct operation and operating methods.

2. Fully understand the warning label,Agricultural TYRE often keep the label clean, if damaged, lost, must be re-ordered and paste.

3. Agricultural machinery use personnel,Agricultural TYRE must be specially trained to obtain driving license, before using agricultural machinery.

4. Do not feel physical discomfort, fatigue, lack of sleep, drink, pregnant women, color blindness, mental disorders and personnel under the age of 18 operating machinery.

5. The driver and the farmer should wear clothing that meets the labor protection requirements. Wear a sandals or slippers, and it is forbidden to wear loose or cuffs that can not be clasped to avoid being damaged by rotating parts.

6. In addition to the driver is strictly prohibited to take other people,Agricultural TYRE the seat must be fixed and reliable. There is no seat on the agricultural machinery is strictly prohibited to sit.

7. Do not let children near the machine during operation, inspection, and repair.

8. No modification of agricultural machinery, so as to avoid reduced machine performance, machine damage or personal injury.

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