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Car Rim Play The Role Of Anti-off Ring

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

Anti-off rim "in English called" beadlock ", if the literal translation, you can call it rim lock, then the role of the wheel lock is what? Today Xiaobian and we all to explore what is the anti-off circle rim.

And we said the anti-off ring Car Rim are completely different, first of all, the rim needs a special structure, and contains a "anti-off pressure circle." During installation, the "toe wire" of the tire needs to be mounted outside the rim and pressed against the rim by "anti-crushing ring" to achieve tight fit between the tire and the rim. This fastening structure does not need air pressure, it is precisely because of this, can play the role of anti-off ring.

In simple terms, it can be judged by the "tire wrapped around the rim or the rim of the tire?" To determine whether the rim is rim.

The combination of the general rim and the tire is the pressure of the tire pressure on the rim of the tire, off-road vehicles in the desert driving and cross-country when we usually put the tire pressure down (less than 0.5-1Kg) to increase tire grip,Car Rim So that the vehicle is not easy to sag, and the principle of anti-off the ring is to exert a pressure so that the tire and the rim can be firmly in contact with each other, play the role of anti-off.

But in the road when the tire pressure is usually 2.5-3Kg, when the high speed or encountered when the pit, due to tire temperature rise caused by tire pressure is too high, the tire pressure greatly converted to the pressure on the anti-off , This time it is easy to cause anti-off ring fracture caused by tire off the ring.

In addition, anti-off the rim of the anti-crushing ring is usually made by different manufacturers, the rim is generally casting or extrusion casting process, and the pressure side due to the greater pressure, it must use the casting method, a lot of no-name factory Reduce costs,Car Rim the use of cast aluminum production anti-off ring, and casting aluminum may produce bubbles during the installation may cause hidden cracks, causing huge hidden dangers.

Coupled with when the SUV high-speed tire temperature rise caused by tire pressure rise, anti-pressure ring will withstand greater pressure,Car Rim this time if the installation method or product quality, but can easily lead to tire off the ring, although this The probability is very low, but the risk is huge.

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