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Car Rim Protect The Role Of Tires

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Do not change the tire size of the tire upgrade, combined with the wheel parameters according to the customer's style of the wheel casting and wheel hub material and other requirements to select the appropriate hub, some people will say that the wheel parameters will not see how to do, let's take a look at the wheel parameters How was it

Quality assurance department of the relevant personnel through the establishment of the rim number identification and life management account, the scene immediately comb the rim 86 only, the use of more than 10 years of the Car Rim one by one appearance check, suspended the use of two. At the same time, the establishment of the rim life update mechanism to ensure that all in the use of Car Rim safe and reliable.

Know what is the rim of the tire protection? If you throw this problem, I believe that not many individuals can correctly answer. First of all have to explain, the rim refers to the wheel, rim protection is the hub protection. Tire wheel protection, as the name implies refers to the special design can play a role in protecting the wheels of the tire.

I believe that many owners driving the car, the tire and the teeth of the teeth in close contact with things happen, the tires are the weakest place is its edge, rub the way the teeth at the same time the wheel may also be injured. Sidewall with toughness, a slight impact damage less than tires, but the sidewall rub a road teeth teeth hub is likely to be injured, and what method can solve this problem?

The best way is not to rub the teeth, but this is not realistic, rounds on the road where there is no rubbing teeth? Perhaps the use of rim protection tires can solve this problem. After throwing this question, should many people want to know what is the difference between rim protection tires and rimless protective tires?

Tires with rim protection

In the tire near the mouth of the location of a prominent part of the ring, and this prominent part of the use of rigid rubber, when the tire and the road teeth scratch when the rigid rubber can withstand the impact of the protection of the hub is not scraping hurt.

No rim protection tires are in the position near the toe mouth without a ring protruding part of the tire and the road teeth scratch, soft sidewall can not afford a large impact, the wheel is very likely to be injured. The role of the rim to protect the tires: to avoid damage to the hub

Wheel protection of the tire is mainly to protect the wheel from scratch, there are rim protection of the tire looks more beautiful. Because the rim protection requires that the protruding part of the rubber is more rigid, it means that the sidewall is more rigid and the sidewall and tread forms more towards the square, unlike the rimless tires, the sidewall bulging.

Wheel rim (wheel rim) commonly known as the rim, is in the wheel around the installation and support of tire parts, and spoke composed of wheels. Car Rim and spokes can be monolithic, permanently connected or detachable.

There are two common types of Car Rim: deep groove Car Rim and flat rim Car Rim, as well as open Car Rim, semi-deep groove Car Rim, deep groove wide Car Rim, flat bottom Car Rim, and fully chamfered Car Rim.

The rim is integral, and the middle of the section is a deep groove. Mainly for cars and light off-road vehicles. It has a shoulder flange, to accommodate the tire tire, the shoulder is usually slightly tilted to the middle, the tilt angle is generally 4 to 6 degrees, the maximum diameter of the tilt part is called the tire bead and the rim of the Diameter. The middle of the section made of deep groove, in order to facilitate the tires of the disassembly. Deep groove wheel structure is simple, large stiffness, low quality, for the small size of the larger elastic most suitable tires. But the larger and harder tires, it is difficult to fit into such an overall rim.

The structure of the rim is many, and Figure 3 shows a form commonly used in our country. The retaining ring 1 is integral, and the opening elastic ring 2 is used to prevent the stopper from coming out. When installing the tire, first put the tire on the rim, and then put on the ring, and push it inward until it crosses the annular groove on the rim, and then the elastic ring of the opening is embedded in the annular groove.

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