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Car Rim Stability And Safety

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Car rim in the car exterior design plays a very important role, the rim of the design itself is cool cock bragging, let us look at these cool rim design it!

Rim for the car is equivalent to the legs are generally important to the human, as a supporting role, and the road close to the rim, more and more modified lovers began to stir. People rely on clothing horse saddle, the car has long been a contemporary social social entertainment entertainment card, and the rim is like the details of the daily dress when the accessories, in the car life and conversion culture is quite high.

Most people will be the first to be included in the rim as a "visual effect" of the modified pieces. Indeed, different styles of rims will easily change the overall temperament of a car. However, as a core component that is closely related to driving safety, it is closely related to the dynamic performance of the vehicle and the safety of driving, in addition to the effect of improving the temperament.

Compared with the appearance of modified, depending on the appearance of modified pieces, the conversion of the rim is relatively simple and convenient, and the effect is obvious. However, the rim is the support for connecting the tires, the suspension, the front / rear drive shaft and the steering system, and the appropriate size and value are the most needed first consideration compared to the style of the style.

The car rim has four very important values, namely the rim size, pitch, rim offset and center hole.

The size of the rim, the diameter of the rim. The simplest method of identification is the identification of tires from the tire parameters, such as the 225/40 R18 tires, which are suitable for mounting on a 18-inch rim. The same 18-inch tires will also be biased in the tire width, which involves the parameters of another rim size: J value. The J value represents the width of the rim, and the appropriate rim width can effectively exhibit the performance of the tire. For example, the rim of 7.5J has the best tires for 215 to 235, and 8J for tires of 235 to 255.

With the development of modified culture, HellaFlush style began to be sought after, its core is through the twist shock or air shock to reduce the height of the vehicle as much as possible, while installing a thin wall, even with the rim J value "does not match" Of the tires to achieve low visual effects. Generally speaking, HellaFlush's rim J value is lower than the conventional setting, such as the 8J rim with 225 tires. This will significantly improve the visual effects of the vehicle, but at the same time will sacrifice part of the tire life.

Pitch, the PCD value, refers to the distance between the center of the rim and the center of the nut. Different car manufacturers often use their own unique standards, it should be noted that the same manufacturers of different age models, and even under the same group under different brands of PCD values may be the same, which has nothing to do with the level and configuration of the vehicle. Therefore,Car rim the rim modified in the birth of a cross-brand mix and match style. Often practice for low-level models using high-profile models of rims, such as the public golf facelift Bentley's rim. This kind of collocation with the visual effect is more refined, but due to channel problems lead to less formal product supply, while the cost is still high.

The center hole may be unfamiliar to the friend who touches the modification, but the lovers who seek extreme effects and performance tend to suffer from the central hole when choosing. The center hole refers to the diameter of the rim's mounting surface, which determines whether the rim can be "fit" to become a "shoe" for a car. If the center hole is greater than the original rim, the "new shoes too large", the stability and safety of driving will be affected; if less than the original rim, the "shoes do not with the foot", even if the style and then attractive Dissipated. In order to solve this problem, the car after the market appeared on the center hole sets of bad,Car rim installed in the rear of the wheel to meet the original factory settings. But it is not recommended in the Chinese market to try, because the product reliability and technician process is difficult to ensure the future use of peace of mind.

The final value of the last rim is the rim offset, which is also the most frustrating rim for the enthusiasts. The rim is commonly referred to as the ET value, which is the distance from the rim centerline to the mounting surface. ET value is positive and negative points, negative on behalf of the installation surface in the center line inside, positive value on behalf of the installation surface in the center line outside.

ET value with the width of the rim of the J value can be a small change in the vehicle's track, thereby enhancing the stability of the vehicle when driving,Car rim this method is common in the field of racing. ET value will directly affect the visual effects of the rim modification, if the installation surface and the rim is too close to the vehicle's contact surface, may affect the vehicle suspension system and steering system; the contrary, too small, it may not be able to accommodate the brake system The Therefore, in the choice of rims must learn from the original rim of the value. For ET values, it can be simply understood that the greater the ET, the deeper the distance the rim is embedded in the wheel eyebrow, and vice versa.

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