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Driving Truck Tyre Let The Car Work Better

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

Eating Driving Truck Tyre is a common problem in driving, presumably all drivers have encountered. The word "eating Driving Truck Tyre" is quite appropriate, as if the Driving Truck Tyre were bitten. By definition, eating Driving Truck Tyre is one or several Driving Truck Tyre inside or outside the abnormal acceleration of wear and tear. Compared to several other Driving Truck Tyre, a certain part of a tire wear particularly fast. In the inspection of the tire can be clearly seen when the pattern wear than other Driving Truck Tyre or the other side of the same tire wear and tear, resulting in partial grinding, resulting in the tire scrapped.

Tire wear is mainly caused by the sliding friction between the tire and the ground. The vehicle is too fast to start, turn too fast and too fast braking will lead to Driving Truck Tyre to speed up wear and tear. The speed of the vehicle and the quality of the road will also affect the wear of the tire, but these are normal wear and tear.

Tire improper use and front wheel positioning are not allowed, it will produce abnormal wear, that is, eating Driving Truck Tyre. There are many ways and reasons to wear, which summarizes some of the common situation of eating Driving Truck Tyre, see the driver friends have encountered the same problem, but also welcome everyone to communicate with each other.

● Various forms of wear are different

1, the tire part of the central (crown) early wear

The main reason for the early wear of the tire center is that the tire inflation is too large. Properly improve the tire inflation, can reduce the tire and the road contact area, thereby reducing the tire rolling resistance, saving fuel. But the inflatable volume is too large, not only affect the tire damping performance, but also make the tire deformation is too large, the contact area with the ground to reduce the normal wear and tear can only be borne by the central part of the tread, the formation of early wear.

2, both sides of the tire (shoulder) wear too much

Tire on both sides (shoulder) wear too large is mainly due to insufficient inflation, or long-term overload. When the inflatable capacity is small or the load is heavy, the contact surface between the tire and the ground is large, so that both sides of the tire contact with the ground to participate in the work and the formation of early wear. Tire pressure is higher or lower than the rated value of 20%, mileage loss of 20% -25%.

3, the tire side of the wear is too large

Tire side pressure is too large main reason is the front wheel positioning misalignment. When the camber angle of the front wheel is too large, the outside of the tire is formed with an early wear and the camber is too small or no, and the inner edge of the tire forms an early wear.

4, left and right front shoulder wave worn wear, left rear wheel inside, right rear wheel abnormal wear serious.

The main reason for this situation is the front and rear axle is not parallel, the right side of the wheelbase than the left side, more than the standard. Wheelbase standard (measured at the front and rear axle spring reel) The maximum difference between the left and right 4mm.

The solution is: plate spring car can be filtered, adjust the leaf spring length to solve. The air suspension car adjusts the length of the thrust lever.

5, left and right front tire worn wave wear, right rear wheel inside, left rear wheel abnormal wear serious.

This is the opposite of the wear of Article 4, because the front and rear axle is not parallel, the wheelbase on the left side than the right side, more than the standard.

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