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HP PCR Tyre Operation Must Be Careful, Pay Attention To Safety

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Tire disassembly methods and steps which?

First, the truck tire removal methods and steps

We are now using the tire is nothing more than a tube tire and tubeless tire in two forms, different specifications of the demolition steps and methods are different. Specific tire removal methods and steps are as follows:

1. First, the tire is fully cleaned, including the tire surface,HP PCR Tyre wheel and rim contact surface and the wheel bolts and nuts, on its rust stains, slag and mud to clean up. Clean up the main purpose: First, to reduce the repair master in the disassembly process of dirt on its impact; the second is to reduce the dirt into the tire inside to reduce the unnecessary secondary damage.

2. Before the demolition of the first bolts and nuts at the gully to facilitate the demolition, reduce wear and tear. Use the matching torque wrench, leaving 2-3 nut spacing, diagonal order in order to disassemble, diagonal detachment can effectively reduce the bolt irregular force,HP PCR Tyre reduce the fatigue loss of parts. If you use a wrench, you need to adjust the air pressure, the specific pressure according to the size of the nut and decide.

3. The wheels of the lock ring side up, release the air in the tire, there are tire tire exhaust gas after the launch of the gas nozzle. In the tire and turn on the pairing mark. Note: the gas in the tire must be put clean, so as to avoid follow-up operation accidental accident.

4. Insert the straight guide plate between the rim ring and the tire, press the bead of the tire; insert the guide plate at the formed gap so that the end of the guide plate rests in the rim ring,HP PCR Tyre Head against the guide leaf.

5. Tighten the tire bead and slide the guide vane and the curved guide plate along the circumference of the wheel to remove the conical edge of the ring from the tire.

6. Insert the end of the straight guide leaf into the slot of the lock ring, press the ring out of the groove; lift the lock ring upwards, and bend the curved guide plate in the rim ring. Inserted into the lower end of the lock ring; holding the lock ring by hand, with the straight guide plate will lock ring from the wheel of the groove removed.

7. Remove the rim ring, flip the wheel, by means of straight,HP PCR Tyre curved guide plate to remove the side of the tire from the wheel, and then put the wheels put up, first the rim from the tire all removed, available hammer along the wheel lock Tight part of the way to decisively beat the wheel from the tire to play. There are tubeless tires to remove the tube can be.

Although many tire repair shop now has a professional disassembly tools or even professional machinery and equipment, such as: truck tire dedicated tire removal machine. But the same principle of demolition, in the course of the operation must be careful, pay attention to safety.

Second, the truck tire assembly methods and steps

When you look at the demolition process, you will say that the assembly is not a reversible process of disassembly? Indeed, the reason is the case, but there are still many details need to pay attention, especially the tire tire parts are more, with particular attention The Such as the confirmation of the rim,HP PCR Tyre flange and lock ring match each other, which is why the demolition of the label, if the wrong in the high-speed driving process will appear dynamic balance failure to speed up the consequences of tire wear. The specific assembly steps are as follows:

1. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the inner tube, put the inner tube and the rim lining into the tire, inflate the inner tube and screw the valve.

2. Place the tire pad on the wheel, and place the valve in the slot. Be careful not to skew the valve and lift the tire from the side of the valve and insert it into the rim.

3. Place the rim ring in turn, place it in the slot of the wheel with the opposite opening of the lock ring, press the end of the ring first, then press the other end.

4. Make sure that the edge of the locking ring is under the tire's bead. First tire pressure to 49KPa, confirmed that the bead has been around all in the lock ring, then the tire pressure to the rated value.

Third, the HP PCR Tyre disassembly precautions

1. Do not strike the rim, lock ring, rim ring or tire when the tire is inflated or inflated.

2. In order to maintain the balance of the wheel,HP PCR Tyre the old tire should be installed in front of the demolition (ie, the tire and the rim of the mark should be coincident).

3. In the assembly and demolition work, the annual inspection of the wheel parts should be no less than a state: rim ring, lock ring and rims are not crack, depression rust and dirt, the inner surface of the lock ring should be reliable Embedded in the tank of the wheel.

4. Prohibit the use of flammable materials. Use of petrol or other flammable materials to lubricate, seal or place the bead may cause the tire to explode or may cause an explosion of tires or rims that cause serious injury or death.

For the dismantling of tires With the development of technology has been gradually out of the master manual methods, the use of professional equipment operation and the popularity of professional knowledge of tire maintenance and repair more scientific and reasonable.

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