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HP PCR Tyre Regular Wheel Positioning

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

We in the daily life, more and less deal with the car. But the probability of a problem with the HP PCR Tyre is very small, unless it is no way to meet the tucked, so there is not how many people to care. Daily use of the car is like to charge the phone, a good way to charge the phone can greatly extend the battery life, the use of HP PCR Tyres as well. To use something longer, learn to use it correctly.

1 always pay attention to their HP PCR Tyre HP PCR Tyre pressure

In the course of driving, too high air pressure or low air pressure will reduce the vehicle fuel economy and traffic safety and other aspects of the problem, according to road conditions and temperature (short time and temperature ignored), adjust the corresponding HP PCR Tyre HP PCR Tyre pressure The First HP PCR Tyre pressure is too high, will lead to HP PCR Tyres appear crown center wear too fast, tread easy to be pad or stabbed, tibial groove laceration, HP PCR Tyre deformation and other failures, especially in high-speed high-speed because of HP PCR Tyres and the ground Friction and heat, so that there is no room for HP PCR Tyre expansion of the risk of puncture, thus endangering the safety of life, and other high pressure will make the HP PCR Tyre too hard, the shock effect is worse, ride comfort is poor, too high HP PCR Tyre pressure is also easy to puncture in hot summer months.

HP PCR Tyre pressure is too low will make the HP PCR Tyre wear less, both sides of the wear and tear, but also lead to uneven wear, in addition to increasing the HP PCR Tyre rolling resistance, so that the vehicle fuel consumption, HP PCR Tyre pressure is too low also easy to puncture, because the HP PCR Tyre The pressure is too low, the HP PCR Tyres are soft, and the HP PCR Tyre is repeatedly pressed and deformed at high speed, resulting in a lot of heat, resulting in puncture.

2 as far as possible according to the speed of regulation

Careful little partners will find that the top of the HP PCR Tyre are a lot of numbers and letters, such as: P215 / 65R15 89H then these represent what? "65" is the flat ratio of the HP PCR Tyre, the ratio of the width of the HP PCR Tyre to the height of the HP PCR Tyre, and the width of the HP PCR Tyre is the width of the HP PCR Tyre, "R" refers to the structure of the HP PCR Tyre, indicating that the HP PCR Tyre is a meridian structure, that is to say its ply is arranged in the auxiliary arrangement of the "" 15 "means the rim diameter (in inches), the HP PCR Tyre must match the 15-inch rim;" 89 "represents the load index, and the different load index represents the different maximum load (usually in pounds or kilograms ; "H" indicates the speed level: the maximum speed of the HP PCR Tyre is 130 miles per hour.

So the HP PCR Tyres are limited speed, different types of HP PCR Tyres to match the different speed, if it is often run more than the required speed, then reduce the HP PCR Tyre life, usually car HP PCR Tyres speed level is mostly T-class (maximum design speed 190km / h), H (maximum design speed 210km / h), V level (maximum design speed 240km / h).

3 regular wheel positioning

The car in the long running will appear to play the direction of heavy, jittery section of the bumps, running in the deviation, the HP PCR Tyre half of the wear and tear of the situation, which is the wheel has issued a warning to the owner, tell you the wheel has been changed maintenance, and this It involves four rounds of positioning.

So what is the four wheel positioning? Due to the four wheels of the vehicle, the steering mechanism, the installation between the front and rear axles should have a certain relative position, the relative position is the standard value developed by the manufacturer. Adjust the installation of this location, that is, four-wheel positioning. Regular wheel positioning helps to improve the safety of traffic and fuel economy.

4 Focus on HP PCR Tyre wear marks

The HP PCR Tyres of each car are marked with wear and tear, and are located in the main drain of each HP PCR Tyre. It is a very small rubber boss. When the tread of the tread is torn and the surface is close to a plane, HP PCR Tyre replaced. If not replaced in the slippery rainy days and high-speed road is very dangerous.

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