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HP PCR Tyre Support The Full Weight Of The Vehicle

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

Tire is one of the most important components of the car, its main functions are:

1, to support the full weight of the vehicle, bear the load of the car, and pass the other direction of the force and torque;

2, the transfer of traction and braking torque to ensure that the wheel and the road between the good adhesion to improve the car's power, braking and through; and vehicle suspension to ease the impact of car driving, And attenuate the resulting vibration;

3, to prevent the car parts are subject to severe vibration and early damage to adapt to the high-speed performance of vehicles and reduce the noise when driving to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy efficiency.

HP PCR Tyre are usually composed of HP PCR Tyre, inner tubes, and cushions. There is also no need for inner tube, the inner layer of the carcass has a good airtight rubber layer, and need to use a dedicated rim. The structure of HP PCR Tyre in the world is to the inner tube, radial structure, flat (tire height and width ratio of small) and lightweight direction.

The car relies on HP PCR Tyre to support the road surface, and the direct contact with the road is the tread pattern. HP PCR Tyre not only carry, roll, and through its blocks and the road surface friction, as the car drive, braking and steering power source.

, The main function of the tread pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the road to prevent the wheel slip, which is exactly the same with the role of the shoe pattern. The tread pattern improves the tread geostationary elasticity, and the tread can produce large tangential elastic deformation under the action of tangential force (such as driving force, braking force and lateral force) between tread and pavement. Tangential force increases, tangential deformation increases, the contact surface of the "friction" will be enhanced, thereby inhibiting the tread and road slipping or slipping trend. This largely eliminates the drawbacks of tread (tread) HP PCR Tyre for easy skidding, making the performance associated with friction between HP PCR Tyre and pavements - power, braking, steering maneuverability and driving safety Normal play with a reliable guarantee. Studies have shown that the factors affecting the friction between the tread and the pavement also include the adhesion between the two sides, the role of molecular gravity and the small size of the pavement on the tread micro-cutting effect, but the main role is still The elastic deformation of the block.

Should be based on vehicle use frequently used road conditions and speed to select the more appropriate tread. For vehicles on the general hard road in the speed of vehicles, trucks and buses, etc. should use the horizontal pattern or vertical and horizontal both tread HP PCR Tyre; often on the highway and good hard road driving the vehicle should choose good heat dissipation, Strong longitudinal pattern and vertical and horizontal tread.

With the increase in speed, tread and pavement between the water can not be excluded between the two sides will form a water film, the HP PCR Tyre slowly hold up, under certain conditions even completely leave the road, so that the car completely loss of maneuverability. This phenomenon is called HP PCR Tyre "water skiing phenomenon". There are many factors that affect the critical speed of water skiing, but one of the tread pattern and one is the main factor. Often in the highway on the car, in the case of conditions, should try to choose anti-skid HP PCR Tyre (Figure 5). The main feature of this pattern is that in the middle of the tread design of a large drainage ditch (main groove), between the tire and the road to form a larger drainage space. In the main ditch two have to the sidewall side of the ditch, so the drainage distance is short, high drainage efficiency, so as to maximize the tire in the wet road high-speed driving may produce "water skiing phenomenon" to improve the safety of traffic The

It is worth noting that this pattern has a direction, the installation should not care.

3 Directional tread The direction of rotation of the tire is usually indicated by the "arrow" molded on the sidewall, and if it is rotated in the direction of the arrow, that is, the "chevron" pattern is first grounded, then the direction is placed in the opposite direction

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