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HP PCR Tyre To Meet The Individual Needs

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 30, 2017

HP PCR Tyre upgrades and modifications are two different ways to upgrade, first of all to say that the HP PCR Tyre upgrade.

HP PCR Tyre upgrades generally refers to the use of original rims and keep the HP PCR Tyre size unchanged in the case of higher or higher performance HP PCR Tyres.

From the surface to see the upgrade of the HP PCR Tyre seems to be relatively simple to buy four with the specifications of the new HP PCR Tyre can be, in fact, brand selection and product lines, patterns and other models have to pay attention to the place, otherwise it is possible to spend money can not buy What you want.

Upgrade HP PCR Tyres, first of all to clear their own needs, is to improve vehicle performance, or to reduce fuel consumption, or to mute comfort, with their own preferences to choose their own products. For general HP PCR Tyre upgrades, we recommend replacing HP PCR Tyres with the same specifications as the original HP PCR Tyres, but higher HP PCR Tyres, such as HP PCR Tyres with higher speed levels, or choosing more tonal models for performance, Is the original HP PCR Tyre can not do.

Correctly modified HP PCR Tyres

In the ordinary upgrade has been unable to meet your needs when the HP PCR Tyre modification is the best choice. HP PCR Tyre modifications are required to match the rims. As with HP PCR Tyres, the original matching rims are limited in cost and do not use high-performance products. The retrofit becomes the only option, with larger rims with higher performance Of the HP PCR Tyres, the vehicle can control the quality of the upgrade, while the performance far more than the original product, the appearance is also more able to meet the individual needs.

HP PCR Tyre modified before you choose according to their own needs the appropriate rim, the choice of the rim can be based on their own preferences and budget. Formal aluminum alloy rim products on the market is the best choice, according to the manufacturing method (casting or forging) and the brand is different, the price gap is large, many styles, try to buy a big brand of genuine, auto parts imitation It is not bad, but the quality of the problem related to traffic safety, so still avoid it.

The selection of the hub, in addition to size, there are holes, the center hole diameter, hub width, offset value and other parameters need to be considered, even more complex than the HP PCR Tyre. For the choice of modified HP PCR Tyres, you have to introduce the HP PCR Tyre calculator this artifact. This is a user-made Flash interface software, all the HP PCR Tyres of the corresponding size data have been built, according to their original HP PCR Tyre size, you can choose different sizes and parameters of the HP PCR Tyres to compare, to find the most suitable conversion size.

Two principles

1, try to keep the original wheel diameter unchanged, such as the rim from 17-inch upgrade to 18-inch, the HP PCR Tyre flat ratio will reduce (that is, thin sidewall), if the wheel diameter does change in size, but also The error value is controlled within 3%, so as not to affect the original drive torque design.

2. You can refer to the original high-profile vehicle HP PCR Tyre size changes to upgrade: car manufacturers will generally be in the same car with high models on the use of larger size rims and HP PCR Tyres, such as the BMW 3 Series models are the basic version of the 225 / 55R16 size HP PCR Tyres, but the high-end models or sports version will use 225 / 45R18 size HP PCR Tyres, indicating that the two sizes in the BMW 3 Series models are applicable, if the low profile models want to change the HP PCR Tyres, then select 225 / 45R18 Size HP PCR Tyres and 18 inch rims are the best choice.

Select the HP PCR Tyre size, and then the brand selection and model to determine the pattern, each brand has its own product characteristics, through the layout of its product line will be able to see that some manufacturers tend to sports HP PCR Tyres, and some focus on energy And mute products; we have to do is according to their own budget, choose the best HP PCR Tyre products in the budget, do not save money on the HP PCR Tyres, the vehicle driving and steering, the brakes are ultimately completed by the HP PCR Tyres, as the action The ultimate performer, quality and performance must be the best. For example, the original HP PCR Tyres for the Goodyear Eagle NCT5, if the pursuit of performance, then you can step in place, upgrade to the Eagle F1 series, so that the performance changes, the most intuitive and obvious.

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