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Mix Road Truck Tyre Check The Car Before Running

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

Pressure standard

The driver shall inflate the tire in accordance with the provisions of the depot. When the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the tire shoulder wear abruptly; tire pressure higher than the standard value, due to reduced tire ground area, the unit pressure increases, so that the tire tread in the middle of wear and tear increased, while increasing the tire rigidity , So that the wheel by the dynamic load increases, prone to carcass burst.

Tread no crack

Regularly check the tire surface with or without cracks, deformation and other defects. Tire tread groove due to wear and gradually become shallow, if polished will lose the role of anti-skid drainage, the performance of the car will be greatly reduced, and seemingly small cracks is high-speed puncture when the risk of puncture. Also pay attention to the timely removal of small stones in the groove.

Parking level

Avoid parked vehicles on rough, sharp or sharp stones. Do not park the vehicle near or in contact with petroleum products, acid substances and other materials that affect the rubber deterioration of the material. The driver does not turn the steering wheel after stopping, and this will speed tire wear.

Do not splash water

Mix Road Truck Tyre in the summer for a long time driving or high speed easy to overheat, while the pressure increased. At this point should stop cooling, is strictly prohibited deflated or water cooling, to prevent the abnormal aging of tread rubber. Avoid brakes

Starting to prevent the frequent use of brakes and emergency brakes, so as to avoid Mix Road Truck Tyre and the ground drag and accelerate tread wear; in the turn will car, overtaking, through the intersection, narrow road, railway crossing and other places, should be appropriate Speed and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, do the brake preparation, reduce frequent braking, to avoid emergency braking, thereby reducing tire wear; face can not avoid broken glass or other foreign matter, to slow down, Do not brakes, because the brakes increase the pressure, glass fragments and foreign matter easier to get into the Mix Road Truck Tyre.

Choose a good road

In the road maintenance construction section of the road, the application of low-speed way to choose the way through the road to avoid Mix Road Truck Tyre by excessive impact, or even stabbed or scratched; in the uneven road on the road, one to choose the road to reduce the tire and the road To avoid Mix Road Truck Tyre and strong vibration; through the muddy area, should choose a more solid, not slippery through the place, so as not to Mix Road Truck Tyre subsided, in situ idle, severe heat caused by the heat Tire and sidewall severely cut, scratched.

Control the speed

The vehicle should be based on the curve of road conditions, turning radius, generally appropriate to slow down, so as to avoid the inertia and centrifugal force to accelerate the role of unilateral tire wear; vehicle downhill, should be based on the slope of the size, length and road conditions, control the appropriate speed , So you can avoid or less use of emergency braking, reduce tire wear; vehicles in the way of parking and parking, should develop a safe taxiing habits.

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