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Mix Road Truck Tyre Timely Maintenance And Regular Inspection

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Now a lot of friends are beginning to pay attention to the maintenance of car Mix Road Truck Tyre, car Mix Road Truck Tyre became people are concerned about the object. Many of my friends feel that the car's Mix Road Truck Tyre, whether it is sideways or tread rubber are so thick care about it, it is not true, although the car's Mix Road Truck Tyre as a whole is more than bicycle Mix Road Truck Tyre and motorcycles are much thicker, not afraid of small Thorns and sharp little stones. However, we care for car Mix Road Truck Tyre more than other types of Mix Road Truck Tyre, especially the tire sidewall.

Why do I want to say especially the tire side of the tire? We all think that if the sidewall is so important that the tire tread is not important? In fact, the Mix Road Truck Tyre of the car Mix Road Truck Tyre are also very important. But the tire tread if punched can be patched. And the tire tread as long as it is not cut or damaged more than 6mm can be an unlimited number of repair. The Mix Road Truck Tyre of the English Mix Road Truck Tyre are much thicker than the sidewalls, and the tread of the Mix Road Truck Tyre is bonded by layers of steel and rubber. And the sidewall of the tire is obviously no tread thick, in order to tire pressure to hold up the tire easier, car tire sideways in the production when there is no connection with the wire, but by the line connection. So the tire sidewall relative to the tread in terms of their own design is not as good as the tread. Therefore, the tire sidewall is basically broken basically can not be repaired.

Many people feel that the tread is often in contact with the ground to produce friction is easy to wear, and the sidewall is basically no chance to be grinding. But we do not say that Because the tire sidewall, although not often and the ground wear, but the tire sidewall in our control when the car was improper when scratched. Tire sidewall scratches the phenomenon we should replace the tire in time, because the tire sidewall was scrapped tire tire pressure on the sidewall of the uneven force, it is easy to lead to high-speed tire in the process of puncture. And if the tire tread is punctured or scratched, the general will not hurt the tire because of tread thick. Even if the Mix Road Truck Tyre really broken we can also repair it. Unless the tread pattern is worn to the specified wear limit.

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