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RIM Improve Cylinder Liner Strength And Resistance To Deformation

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

With the national Ⅳ emission standards in the domestic floor, the country Ⅴ emissions in the implementation of the implementation of all,RIM followed by the reduction of the wind, another advocate efficient, rapid logistics wave followed, gave birth to the market for high-powered engine products Of the demand, the domestic semi-trailer car quickly into the 400 horsepower era.

Combined with the Austrian AVL joint DD13 / 15-based development, the current main K12, K13 series of products, displacement from 10L ~ 13L, for diesel / LNG / CNG / methanol and other single fuel and dual fuel, Emissions can meet the European Ⅵ standard. 6K series engine launched at the beginning, put forward the "most suitable for China's use of conditions" concept, on the one hand is to adapt to the domestic special conditions and driving habits,RIM on the other hand is for future emissions standards and high horsepower needs of the design. So in the specific technical joint power 6K series engine which did what improvements?

From the current standards, the country Ⅳ stage of the engine cylinder burst pressure to reach 160 ~ 180 bar, the country Ⅴ will need to reach 180 ~ 200 bar, and the future to achieve the Euro Ⅵ emission standards, the cylinder pressure to 200 ~ 220 bar, which the overall structural design of the engine and the material is a great test. Pressure-resistant pressure design is a comprehensive project, the engine cylinder, cylinder head, crank connecting rod mechanism and valve body must be pressure-resistant design. Specifically, 6K engine cylinder using symmetrical design, reinforced by cast iron to strengthen the integrated design of the water ring,RIM improve the cylinder liner strength and resistance to deformation. Crankshaft with high strength forged steel, full piston steel ring can significantly reduce wear and deformation. Valve with high-strength camshaft and large angle valve design, so that good wear resistance and contact stress, greater pressure capacity. In this way, 6K engine explosion-resistant pressure can reach 220bar,RIM synchronized with the European European VI engine products, great potential. In the future,RIM users need to upgrade, do not replace or change the structure of the engine, do not worry about the discharge standards to bring the transfer pressure.

In front of the engine that the pressure-resistant pressure design, in fact, the engine cylinder head is an important part of the cylinder head installed in the upper part of the cylinder from the upper part of the cylinder and constitute the combustion chamber. It is often in contact with high temperature and high pressure gas,RIM so bear a lot of heat load and mechanical load.

Reverse-cooling technology (Top-DownCooling) using top-down cooling method, compared with the traditional bottom-up and layered cooling technology, the water is from the cylinder head into the cylinder for cooling, higher flow rate, cooling Efficiency is also higher, in particular, can better protect the engine cylinder head.

The use of Top-DownCooling top-down cooling technology engine, cylinder head temperature than the traditional cooling technology to reduce the engine 15 ℃ or more,RIM which can significantly reduce the engine core parts and other core parts of the temperature sensitivity, material mechanical strength thermal decay significantly Down, the machine stiffness, combustion and adapt to different temperatures have significantly improved the ability to work, but also can withstand higher outbreak of pressure.

Compressive Cylinder Braking Technology - Improving Vehicle Safety

Taking into account the domestic road conditions, especially in the southwest and Qinling area, slope more, coupled with domestic drivers often like overloading driving, the safety of the vehicle brake is a great test.

In this regard, 6K products using exhaust butterfly valve + compression cylinder brake, is also the current international high braking power of the mainstream line, compared to a large number of domestic use of exhaust butterfly valve brake and exhaust butterfly valve + slow release disassemble cylinder system Dynamic and braking performance greatly improved, the braking power up to 25kW / L, greatly improving the safety performance. Compression cylinder brake principle is very simple, that is, through the operation of the exhaust valve,RIM the engine cylinder to the vacuum state, resulting in negative work. This type of brake structure is relatively complex, but the braking effect is the best.

Reasonable use of engine brakes, to save the operating costs of vehicles have great benefits, the use of engine brakes can significantly reduce the number of brake use,RIM reduce brake friction and tire wear. At the same time through the engine brake can improve the speed control of the vehicle downhill, the efficiency of transport has also been effectively improved. Moreover, the use of engine braking engine is not fueled work, but also can achieve the effect of fuel economy.

Overhead cam four-valve technology --- strong power of protection

We can imagine the valve as a person's lungs, when we need to exercise a lot of breathing oxygen and discharge of CO2, healthy lungs is the basis for determining our athletic ability. The engine is also the case, an engine into the exhaust efficiency is to determine its performance is an important factor in the normal operation of the engine due to the normal movement of the piston speed is very fast,RIM at 3000r / min per minute speed, the engine to complete each A time of intake or exhaust only 0.04 seconds, in order to suck or discharge more gas in such a short period of time, it is necessary to increase the effective area of the exhaust. At present, the common engine on the domestic market is 2 or 3 valves, but with the market for high-powered engine demand increases, the engine power continues to improve,RIM this structure is difficult to meet the low fuel consumption, less emissions requirements.

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