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RIM Reduced Wear And Grinding Of Wheels

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

First, the system is small and simple, the purchase cost is low, but after the use of the return of dozens or even hundreds of times the cost of investment.

The abrasion of the outer rails at the entrance of the railway corridor is particularly severe, so soon it is thought that the installation of oil and gas lubrication systems in these areas, lubrication of the track and wheel RIMs is a two-pronged approach, not only saving the cost of the track, but also reducing the wheel Of the wear and tear, which brought great benefits far higher than the purchase cost of the flange lubrication device.

In the locomotive, the RIM on the installation of Huashun flange oil and gas lubrication system has the following benefits:

1, a significant reduction in the wheel RIM wear and tear, reducing the wear and tear due to the wheel grinding and the number of repair costs;

2, reducing the noise, especially in the corners and tunnels;

3, greatly reducing the risk of wheel and track detachment;

4, no environmental pollution, due to the fine coverage of the lubricant, no dirt found along the railway;

5, maintenance is small, the flange lubrication device as little as possible to set the moving parts, so almost no maintenance, just a regular refueling can;

6, fuel consumption is very small, the average driving distance of 1,000 km motorcycle only 500cm ³.

In the underwater generator new topology, two-way symmetrical blade and shroud, electric energy conversion and multi-energy complementary control and other aspects of research and achieved a number of important innovations to solve the current constraints of power development technology development of the main problems.

The RIM are engaged with each other to drive the other gear to transmit power. The two RIM can be separated, you can also use the chain, track, belt to drive both sides of the gear and transmission power. The RIM are usually composed of RIM, alveolar, face, face, tooth top circle, tooth root circle, base circle and index circle.

In the past, people think that the gear for the ancient Greek invention, more than 300 years BC, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in the "mechanical problem", on the use of bronze or cast iron gear rotation movement of the problem. Greek famous scholar Aristotle and Archimedes have studied the gear, the famous Greek inventor Guti Xi Bios in the circular plate workstations evenly plug the edge of the pin, so that it is engaged with the pin, He applied the body to the leak. It was about 150 years ago. In the year 100 BC, the inventor of the Alexandrian, Elen, invented the odometer and used the gear in the odometer. In the first century AD, a roller gear was also used on a water-jet mill made by Rome's builder, Bidobis. To the 14th century, began to use the gear on the clock.

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