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Steering Truck Tyre Ensure Driving Safety

Qingdao Roadsun Tyre Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Air pressure is the life of the Steering Truck Tyre, too high and too low will shorten its service life. The air pressure is too low, the fetal body deformation increases, the Steering Truck Tyre side prone to crack, simultaneously produces the flex movement, causes the excessive heat, promotes the rubber aging, the cord layer fatigue, the cord breaks. The air pressure is too low, also can make the Steering Truck Tyre ground area increase acceleration Steering Truck Tyre shoulder wear. High air pressure will make tyre cord is subjected to excessive deformation, the elasticity of the fetus decreases, so that the load increased in the driving, such as the impact will produce internal cracking and blasting, and high pressure will also accelerate the Steering Truck Tyre crown wear, and reduce the resistance to rolling performance.

The front wheel alignment has a great influence on the service life of the tyre, especially the front front harness and the front wheel extroversion as the main factor. The front wheel extroversion will accelerate the Steering Truck Tyre shoulder wear that is eccentric grinding; the front side of the front wheel is too small too large to accelerate the Steering Truck Tyre internal and external wear.

In addition to handling the situation, the driver must choose the road, avoid sharp stones, glass, metal, etc. may be punctured and scratched the Steering Truck Tyres of the object, avoid chemical residue on the Steering Truck Tyre adhesion, corrosion. When driving in the larger camber, try to center the road, reduce the side Steering Truck Tyre load and make the Steering Truck Tyre wear uneven. Under normal circumstances, the overload of 20% of the Steering Truck Tyre life reduced by 30%, overload 40% of the Steering Truck Tyre life reduced 50%; In addition, rapid cornering, emergency braking, high-speed start and rapid acceleration will affect the Steering Truck Tyre damage, is the driver to avoid in the driving.

1. Appearance inspection

Before driving, look around the car, see if the lighting device is damaged, there is no tilt, there is no leakage of oil, leakage, such as leakage, check the appearance of Steering Truck Tyres, check the door, engine cover, row Rican cover and glass condition.

2. Signal Device Inspection

Open the ignition switch key (do not start the engine), check the alarm lights and LED lights, starting the engine to see whether the alarm lights are normal off, the indicator is still lit.

3. Fuel inspection

View oil gauge instructions to replenish fuel.

What you should check for each week:

1. Steering Truck Tyre pressure inspection adjusts the tyre pressure and cleans the debris on the Steering Truck Tyres. Don't forget to check the spare Steering Truck Tyre.

2. Engine and various oil liquid

Check the fixed condition of the engine parts, see if the engine of the combination of oil leakage, leakage, check the adjustment of belt tightness, check the various parts of the pipe and wire fixed conditions, checking supplementary oil, check supplementary coolant, check supplementary electrolyte, check the supplementary power steering oil, clean the radiator surface; Replenish windshield cleaning liquid, etc.

3. Clean the interior of the car and clean the exterior of the car.

What you should check every month:

1. External inspection inspects the automobile, inspects the lamp and the lampshade the damage condition, inspects the body ornament the fixed condition, examines the reversing mirror the situation.

2. Tyre

Check the Steering Truck Tyre wear condition, clean the baggage compartment, the Steering Truck Tyre wear markings should be replaced Steering Truck Tyres, check the Steering Truck Tyres have no bulge, abnormal major wear, aging cracks and mishap and so on.

3. Clean and wax thoroughly clean the interior of the car, clean the appearance of the water tank, oil radiator appearance and air conditioning radiator surface sundries.

4. Chassis

Check the chassis has no oil leakage phenomenon, found traces of oil spills, should check the gear oil volume of each assembly and make appropriate additions to the chassis all the nozzle to carry out adequate grease operation.

Only by keeping up the good habits above can we prolong the life of your car, improve the safety, save money and spare many trouble of repairing cars. However, the concept of "taking care of insurance" still exists in the driver's ranks, because of the lack of insurance or improper maintenance caused by traffic accidents occurred frequently. Therefore, the timely and correct maintenance of the car is to extend the service life of the car, to ensure the safety of the important link.

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